Collaborated Projects are good and bad

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Project collaboration is one of the greatest things ever, especially in the open source community. Despite it’s awesomeness, there are always challenges in collaborated projects. Some idealist programmers pick up the code and find it uncomfortable to mix with non coordinated contributions by a clumsy programmer. The PSR exists in the PHP community to bring about ideas that may make good programmers follow some good concepts. This way, you’ll find a lot of similarity in the codes of various programmers that follow the PSR.

Unfortunately, you don’t get to be with the pros on all projects you hired on. However, there’s a level of code untidiness you can tolerate as a programmer that is privy of the good practices and lives by them. This is the evil part of collaborated projects. Left to this, I don’t want to ever collaborate on a project.

That’s stupid right? Why should I hate project collaboration because I worked with some lazy and untidy developers / designers. I wouldn’t deprive myself of the great part of collaboration because I have experienced messy code from some people I’ve collaborated with.

Don’t know what I mean by untidy developers? I had worked with a Front-end developer on my last project who used various class names for the same global rules several times. I saw occurrences like:

line 10: .fl{float: left; } , line 39: .left-side{float: left; } , line 85: content-left{ float: left; }

This is why we had over 7000 lines of CSS on that project. It was a nightmare really! A non re-usable CSS file of about 50 k? That’s homicidal on HTTP request :D

You see why I didn’t want to ever consider collaborating in a project anymore. I’m the only Frontend and Backend Developer on my current project and I have peace of mind because I know my code is so lovely that it’ll make a female developer fall in love with me.

I also started contributing to some open source projects with a lot of awesome developers involved and I’ve seen project collaboration from a different angle. Trust me, it is awesome! But only with the right people.


If you find yourself hating collaboration like I did due to collaboration with the wrong people, then you should have a change of mind about it. You need to find the right people and enjoy collaboration

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