I am Joseph Rex,
a creative technologist and AI enthusiast

Web animation, Design, Writing, AI, ML, Bots, CSS, JavaScript, Ruby, Git, Vim

Creative Fitness and Developer Fitness

I’ve been into physical fitness and I’m supposed to be writing about that on this blog but I’ve had to put a hold on it. This is about keeping fit at creative work which include code, design, animation, modeling.


Boosting user experience through prediction

One of the biggest reasons why single page apps (SPA) are very common in the web industry today is because of how fast navigation can be from it. Besides the decoupling of server-side logic for client-side engineering focus, SPAs have improved performance of web apps greatly by saving users from waiting for server responses before pages are rendered.


CRIC: Confidence Reflex Intuition Consistency

I went into the basketball court to play last week after a long time. That was maybe 2 years ago and the last time before that some other 2 years. There were a few times I’d gone and just made some hoops while a playing team is on a timeout but this time I really played and it was for just 10 minutes.


Enter Sass namespacing

Sass has always been to me that one preprocessor that makes others not worth learning. I think stylus is quite okay but I’ve never used Less and I don’t even know if it is spelled LESS or Less but we’re not here to talk about less we are here to talk about more (pun intended). More features to the amazing Sass.