I am Joseph Rex,
a creative technologist and UI enthusiast

CSS, JavaScript, Ruby, 3D, XR, Animation, Design, and Life

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For a while I’ve been working on ui-pack which is intended to be a home for those UI components that aren’t used frequently enough to make it to most component libraries or are often implemented with very little research.


Having a healthy email relationship

Do you dread emails? Have you ever tried to think about why you do if the answer to that is yes? I think people hate emails because they think they have little control over it. We get frustrated when we feel we have less control.


A life with segmented purpose

From the moment I hit my point of realization, I frequently thought about ways to achieve quality of life through fulfillment in the things I do. We are likely to limit ourselves through our entire lifetime by constraining the things we seek fulfillment in.


Planning life finances

When I was a teenager I always thought I would either end up in accounting like my dad, or in a medical profession like my mom. We really limit ourselves to the choices we see around us sometimes, but thankfully, the more adventurous side of me chose to take neither of those paths.