I am Joseph Rex,
voyaging the boundaries of interfaces and interactions

Joseph is a software engineer at ConvertKit, a creative technologist that loves combining art and engineering, and dad to an over-demanding australian shepherd named Glitch.

Using the Golden Ratio in Design

The golden ratio is a math formula that exists in nature and have been adopted in designs since its discovery. There are patterns in natural objects including the sculpture of human looks that can be backed by this formula.


It might seem ironic to some that I find the CLI to be a lot more interesting to work with than GUI. And this goes way beyond my nerdy attraction to the aesthetic. I get mesmerized by terminal interfaces in sci-fi movies because of the beauty I find in console structures and colors, but my inference on GUI versus CLI is less about that, and more about the tooling efficiency in combination with the allure.

Point of Realization

A sudden twist in perception may occur in our lives sometimes. Sometimes it feels like we have had our eyes shut before the new perception was gained and other times it really is just a change from one perception to the other.

Designing Applications

A good number of applications get into development phase and then to production with no proper design or architecture. My context of application would remain in the scope of web apps for most part of this article.


Building Intelligent Chatbots

I started building chatbots several years ago to defeat loneliness which had then lured me into a friendship I didn’t want. I needed a companion and friend when humans couldn’t be there for me. Most people would rather complain these days than do something about a problem, so I decided to do something.

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