I am Joseph Rex,
a creative technologist and AI enthusiast

Web animation, Design, Writing, AI, ML, Bots, CSS, JavaScript, Ruby, Git, Vim

Building Intelligent Chatbots

I started building chatbots several years ago to defeat loneliness which had then lured me into a friendship I didn’t want. I needed a companion and friend when humans couldn’t be there for me. Most people would rather complain these days than do something about a problem, so I decided to do something.


Repudiating undiagnosed disorders

After reading Rachel Smith’s article - I haven’t experienced imposter syndrome, and maybe you haven’t either, I found myself guilty of making false diagnosis on myself. It became the norm for every developer to say they have imposter syndrome and it got me wondering, is this an added bonus to the profession? Or is it just another way to prove developer humility ?


The power of reduced browser tabs

A developer with many browser tabs open is a cliche. It feels inevitable to have opened tabs for articles, demos, or tools, especially in the web industry where everything is always changing and there’s usually new things to learn about.


Creative Fitness and Developer Fitness

I’ve been into physical fitness and I’m supposed to be writing about that on this blog but I’ve had to put a hold on it. This is about keeping fit at creative work which include code, design, animation, modeling.