I am Joseph Rex,
voyaging the boundaries of interfaces and interactions

Joseph is a software engineer at ConvertKit, a creative technologist that loves combining art and engineering, and dad to an over-demanding australian shepherd named Glitch.

How I set up frontmatter With Next.js and MDX

As I began writing documentation for my project ui-pack I wanted full control of the medium to prevent limitations that may be met with existing documentation tools. A primary goal of the project is to be so comprehensive to its users.

Markdown format for code tabs

For a while I’ve been working on ui-pack which is intended to be a home for those UI components that aren’t used frequently enough to make it to most component libraries or are often implemented with very little research.

Having a healthy email relationship

Do you dread emails? Have you ever tried to think about why you do if the answer to that is yes? I think people hate emails because they think they have little control over it. We get frustrated when we feel we have less control.

A life with segmented purpose

From the moment I hit my point of realization, I frequently thought about ways to achieve quality of life through fulfillment in the things I do. We are likely to limit ourselves through our entire lifetime by constraining the things we seek fulfillment in.

Planning life finances

When I was a teenager I always thought I would either end up in accounting like my dad, or in a medical profession like my mom. We really limit ourselves to the choices we see around us sometimes, but thankfully, the more adventurous side of me chose to take neither of those paths.

Themed Years

In 2013 I got a journal with themed sections and it felt so much like it was all shaped around my life. I don’t have it anymore now but I loved the idea behind theming fragments of my life.

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