I am Joseph Rex,
voyaging the boundaries of interfaces and interactions

Joseph is a software engineer at ConvertKit, a creative technologist that loves combining art and engineering, and dad to an over-demanding australian shepherd named Glitch.



Socius is a startup based in Milwaukee and aimed at solving the nation’s financial inequality problem by providing financial education that is typically difficult to navigate or is so expensive. Socius is a learning platform providing video content and quizzes to fill the knowledge gap on finance.



StyleQ is a startup based in Milwaukee. Its goal is to bridge the gap between professional stylists and their customers by helping the customer search for experienced stylists. For stylists without a shop or designated location to cater to customers, styleQ aims at providing them a location to meet with their customers.

Nollywood DB


NDB was a personal design exploration of what a nollywood DB would like in serving the Nigerian movie industry what imdb provides for the American hollywood industry. Starting out with a logo design inspired by the colors of imdb, I set out to create a fictional experience.



Tellear is a startup based in California. It had a very early idea to create an audio-based social network before clubhouse or twitter spaces existed. I was privileged to architect and implement the software from its inception.

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