Dealing with merge conflicts

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Recently, I started using git and mercury for version control. I’ve never really used any other version control system before these two. For most of my recent projects, I’ve chosen to make more use of git. Git is a really awesome version control system as I’ve heard from a lot of Pros coming from other version control system like Subversion (SVN).

I just saw this article by Tobias Günther on CSS-Tricks and it was really detailed and interesting, explaining everything about merge conflicts and  how we fix them. Tobias works for Tower where they built the git-tower. In the article he made demonstrations with Kaleidoscope which is a diff / merge  client for Mac OS X.

As a Linux user, I thought of how I could make use of a merge tool like that to save me the stress of manually cleaning up merges, then I saw this comment by Richard Ayotte which made made me check out meld merge. He also talked about Gitg which I didn’t try out.

It’s barely a day since I’ve been using it and it has helped me come a long way on my current project. I’ll just gather up all the diff / merge tools I’m aware of for various OS below.

Try them out and they’ll improve your projects version control just like they did mine.

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