I have dabbled in various technologies over the years, on a quest for strengthening my desire in creative coding/art. Here goes 30 days of canvas based generative art.

Though I’ve made a little bit of generative art and I’ve worked with 2D canvas and webGL several times, I still don’t feel confident about my skills due to how sparingly I use them in my daily software engineering role.

I initially planned this to be a sort of advent coding thing where I create generative art from the first day of December 2021 through the last. Unfortuantely, things don’t always go as planned. So I’m still starting this in December 2021 but I am a little flexible on when I put them out.

As I am relatively new to generative art, my mind is not as imaginative as I’d hope quite yet so I’m beginning by following tutorials at until I start building up ideas of my own.

Follow my generative art collection on Codepen

Day 1 - Tiled lines

Day 2 - Joy division

Day 3 - Cubic disarray