I am not a perfectionist

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I’m sick of hearing everyone call themselves perfectionists everywhere I go. Trust me, this is the most ridiculous thing you should call yourself from my view. I’d rather you use curse words on me than call me a perfectionist.

Who is a perfectionist?

By using the google dictionary, I found this:

A person who refuses to accept any standard short of perfection

Doesn’t that sound stupid? Well, it does to me as a realist. I’ll define perfectionist as someone who is ever dissatisfied, someone that never gets what he or she wants, someone that keeps ranting on something that will never come true for them, someone who doesn’t reason straight.

Is it everyone that calls themselves perfectionists that my definitions describe? No! Those who do not fit in to the mentioned definitions are dumb because they only call themselves perfectionists without having a proper idea of what it means.

The so called “perfectionists” I’ve encountered in my life are non-creative people that inflict pains on people they are opportune to be superiors to. They make these people burn their lives trying to do things that may not be easily achieved or never achieved.

Perfectionist is derived from the word “perfect”. Personally, I don’t believe any adjective should exist if it doesn’t play a qualification role. The word “perfect” exists and yes, there are things that are perfect. Look at yourself and you’ll see you are a perfect creation of God. Look at the awesome universe, you will see something perfect. We mortals will keep chasing impeccability. It’s like a goal for us to reach and no one actually reaches it. As perfect as the internet tends to work for multiple nations and continents around the world, there are parts of its code commented with minor errors that could be broken some day. It may possible to reach this peak of perfection, but how possible is it? Achieving proper perfection is like escaping the Bermuda triangle.

Our everyday use of the word perfect is only a metaphor of the actual perfection.

How long do you want to fool yourself and say you’re chasing perfection? It’s good to be positive, I know! You feel you want to get the best of what you do, you want to be best at what you do, you want to do it the right way. Perfect isn’t the word for you, there are a lot of words in Dictionaries and Thesaurus that’ll describe you the right way.

I know what I am but I haven’t had a chance to look up a name that describes me, so I choose to call myself a DO-IT-RIGHT-FREAK.

For everything I do, I try to be the best at it. In my unadulterated words, I try not to suck at whatever I do.


Being a perfectionist only makes you forever a dream chaser. Sit back and watch other guys progress as they do little things while you stay idle and seek perfection. Perfectionists never get contended with what they have, they are mentally imprisoned.

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