Leveraging Sass for your front-end designs

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Recently I chose to move from vanilla CSS to the syntactically awesome stylesheeets and this has been a great step in my life. It’s like leaving a klingon which I’ve had as a girlfriend to date a human or vulcan :)

Team-Sass provided a style guide for SASS concerning how we can name our variables for colors. A basic variable naming should be as it is on http://sass-lang.com/styleguide/color/ where all the colors have their names as variables like so:

$hopbush: #c69
$bouquet: #b37399
$venus: #998099
$patina: #699
$nebula: #d2e1dd
$dawn-pink: #f2ece4
$wafer: #e1d7d2
$iron: #dadbdf
$regent-grey: #808c99
$pale-sky: #6b717f
$midnight-blue: #036
$light-green: #98cbad

This article by tutsplus teaches on how you can create better variable names.

One of SASS awesome features that I cherish besides the wonders of mixins, inheritance, loops, and the other most lauded features of SASS is its rgba().

It’s syntax is

rgba($color, $alpha)

This way, it’s not limited to just rgb() values for the colors but it converts even hexadecimal colors to RGB for its RGB values

I think everyone that’s not taking advantage of what these pre-processors have to offer is missing out on a lot

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