I am Joseph Rex,
voyaging the boundaries of interfaces and interactions

Joseph is a software engineer at ConvertKit, a creative technologist that loves combining art and engineering, and dad to an over-demanding australian shepherd named Glitch.


Contentible is a rich text editor wrapper allowing multiple strategies of web-based editor implementation. It is an ongoing dream to make content editing on the web a lot easier than its current state.


UI pack is a bundle of accessible UI components I am putting together from research and experiments with complex user interfaces.

Warriors & Wizards AR

The warriors and wizards project was made under the Peck School of Arts at the University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee. I worked with a team of other students to get this done for the Warriors and Wizards Festival 2018 in Jefferson, Wisconsin. My role was to build a webGL and webAR platform to interact with models designed by the 3D artist on the team.

Sia (AI)

Sia is an AI chatbot that runs on rivescript with IBM Watson and many more integrations for NLP and various helpful utilities including but not limited to language translation, conversions, definitions, weather report, interactive REPL. Sia currently runs on Slack only.

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