I am Joseph Rex,
voyaging the boundaries of interfaces and interactions

Joseph is a software engineer at ConvertKit, a creative technologist that loves combining art and engineering, and dad to an over-demanding australian shepherd named Glitch.


I have dabbled in various technologies over the years, on a quest for strengthening my desire in creative coding/art. Here goes 30 days of canvas based generative art.


In late 2014, I gained an interest in illustrations. This happened to be right about the time Affinity Designer got released. Although I did not get to hear about it until 2015, it feels like it came alive for my use. Here are some of my illustrations from before Affinity, and after.

Art for Milwaukee

Logos and art I create for things in the city of Milwaukee. I’ve long loved the city even before I got to call it home, and now that it is, I take any chance I get to contribute to its existing richness in art.

Thirty Logos

In 2017, I set out to start offering logo design as a service along with my software contract jobs. With no prior education in logo design, thirty-logos was my way to get into this new world. Here is some of the original 30.

Demos on CodePen